A picture speaks a thousand words

We want to be intentionally inclusive in everything we do. Which means including diverse and inclusive images in every presentation, NOT only when we are talking about diversity and inclusion! But I know from experience how hard it can be to find these images. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!! Thanks to the incredibly talented and generous members of the Diversity Doctor Community you can download for FREE these amazing, unique diverse and inclusive images today. If you like what you see and you would like more, please contact Ana, Travis or Lizzie directly.

On behalf of The Diversity Doctor Community, thank you so much for your generosity sharing your fabulous work.

Itsanashow Creative Studio

As a creative studio, we believe that we have a duty to seek and promote diversity. To engage with different communities, and scale our skills and workspace to welcome everyone. In our projects (illustrations and / or animation) we try to have some diverse characters, including different skin tones and different body shapes. After all we love to give shape to beautiful and meaningful stories. If you would like to know more about our work, feel free to contact us



Ana F. Borges, Creative Instigator, Pronouns she/her


Hi I’m Travis, I’m a proficient illustrator from London, blessed to have a gift which allows me to present my purpose visually. With, experience in creating work for high profile clients in the music and design industries.

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Many thanks


I was delighted to be asked to create these bespoke icons and illustrations for the ‘Levelling The Playing Field’ webinar. I love creating beautiful and meaningful designs and also know that as graphic designer I have a responsibility to represent diversity and inclusion in my work. I’m pleased to be able to share this freebie and hope to continue to create many more illustrations that represent the diversity in our communities so that there are more resources available for people to use. 

I’d you’d like to find out more about the work that I do please head to my website or drop me a line.


Lizzie Moore, Graphic Designer http://lizzie-moore.com