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Hi. I’m Dr Donna de Haan, creator and founder of Live it. Learn it. Work it.

I’m a Brit married to a Dutch guy I met on holiday over 15 years ago. We live in the Netherlands with our three children, two boys and a girl. I’ve always been passionate about equality but since becoming a mum this has gone into overdrive. I am incredibly frustrated by the fact that my daughters experience of life is less than that of her brothers. Not because of the way her father and I are raising her, but because of the systems that surround her.

From sport, to education, to work places……the vast majority of these systems were built for one type of person, my sons. I know many of these systems are trying to change, they are trying to accommodate others but they are using the approach of adding square pegs to round holes! 

Using the skills and experience I have developed through a successful career in academia, I am on a mission to change these systems. Through qualitative research I work with organisations to help them learn from the lived experiences of their employees. I help them make evidence based decisions that enable them to break down their round peg culture.

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