Live it.

We make sense of the world through living in it.

We may not live to work but we are living at work. Hopefully not in the sense of never leaving or never taking a break, but in the sense that we are there, and whilst we are there we have experiences. We may feel joy or frustration, stress or excitement. We may feel part of a team or excluded from what’s going on. We may feel we can be our authentic self at work or we may feel exhausted trying to be someone we’re not.

You and your colleagues may all attend the same Monday morning 8:30 meeting, but your lived experience of that is unique. Maybe you’re in a phase of hating your job and you were up all night worrying about how you were going to face another day at work. Maybe you’re chairing the meeting and you’re an inspirational and effective chair so this is simply a chance to start the week the right way. Maybe you feel invisible in the meeting because nobody ever asks you your opinion. Maybe you nailed your presentation or pitch and you’re currently feeling like a rock star (which you most certainly are).

The point is our experiences are unique, but we create cultures that don’t leave space for uniqueness. I understand the logic of a ‘one size fits all’ approach but that would require us to all live the same life!

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