Hi I’m Dr Donna de Haan

Otherwise known as The Diversity Doctor

I’m here to help you create Diverse, Inclusive, Value packed, Equitable business cultures. Because I know that a DIVE culture is the place where your team, employees, clients and customers will truly thrive.

I have almost 20 years experience as an academic, researcher, consultant and educator. I have a PhD and a MBA and I have lived and worked in several countries. I’m a mum to three young children, two boys and a girl and I’m a huge sports fan (I’m lucky to integrate this into a lot of my work).

I convert all this experience into easy to digest, value packed, actionable content that you can use today to create a business that will make all your employees, team members, clients and customers feel valued.

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I know the best way for us to truly make a difference, is if we become intentionally inclusive in everything we do. If we only turn the spotlight of diversity and inclusion on certain areas of our lives, like work for example, we will fail to truly recognise our blindspots. By becoming intentionally inclusive in everything we do, we can start to truly breathe life into the topic. It becomes second nature, it becomes embedded in our DNA. If you’d like to become intentionally inclusive, join our Diversity Doctor Community. It’s free to join and your free to leave at anytime. Once you’re a member you will receive weekly bitesize diversity and inclusion content from me and once a month you will receive a new free resource. Simply click on THE DIVERSITY DOCTOR COMMUNITY link below and join today.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s DIVE in.